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New Look for!

Welcome to the new! We are looking forward to provide you with a much higher quality delivery of the tropical island's images and stories. Enjoy your stay both here at our website and eventually in Hainan Island once you make your visit!

Please contact us with your thoughts on the new look for our website. We welcome all manner of feedback, as we strive to improve both content and your experience.

Spotlight: Haikou City

We'd like to spotlight Haikou City! It is a city in the Haikou region of Hainan Island and also the most developed region of all within this province.

From the Developers: Followup Plans for the Website

All features that have been drawn up for have been actualized. What remains is content. Writing, formatting, adjusting images, and much more.

Then having this content be delivered to website visitors in a very friendly, effective manner! While this portion of the website will still take some time to properly execute, we are now officially in the testing phase. Issues found will be fixed, rough code will be refined, logging services will be checked for accuracy, and performance will be examined.